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Alpha Ridge Star Parties Canceled.
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Members Only Impromptu (Alpha Ridge Park) 1/09/2021

Five HAL members met at Alpha Ridge Park on Saturday night for what turned into a fairly spectacular night of observing. The temperatures were somewhat cold with some light wind, but the wind and the relative humidity kept the dew/frost away. Clouds moved through for about 30 minutes around 10pm, but then it cleared up beautifully for the rest of the night -- the sky brightness dropped to 19.9mag/square arcsec, which is about as dark as it gets at Alpha Ridge. One interesting observation was that it got noticeably warmer as the clouds moved through and for a little while afterward, but then the cold returned.

The moonless skies allowed many deep sky object to be visible, but the Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction escaped us all -- Jupiter was visible but not the other two. Richard observed objects in the south with his telescope, then switched to binoculars. Phil did not actually set up a scope and left early after talking to several of us about our scopes and more general topics. The other three of us were imaging: Kurt was imaging the Horsehead Nebula, Anthony spent the night on the Orion Nebula, and I extended my exposures of the Perseus Cluster and then moved to do some narrowband imaging of the Crab Nebula. The highlight of the night for me was a very bright meteor, brighter than Venus that glowed a brilliant green color, falling toward the southern horizon between Sirius and Orion -- Anthony was looking north while we were chatting and didn't see it; sorry!

The park was closed up at about 3:30am.


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