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HAL Public Star Party Report - Special Edition, Page 1

Public Star Party (Alpha Ridge) 3/16/2024

(The One With Pre-Total Solar Eclipse Excitement)

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Saturday for the first public star party of the year. We had a tremendous member turn out with around 20 telescopes ranging from Seestars and full imaging setups to commercial visual setups and a few home made scopes. We also can't leave out the observatory as well. The event was well attended and we estimate a good 150 to 200 members of the public stopped by to enjoy the experience. The clouds stayed away for the most part and both members and public attendees had a good time.

For anyone that has not yet participated in a public event, or just could not make last Saturday, please try to show up for the next event. It is always nice to see your fellow members and the public enjoys what you have to offer, no matter what that may be.

Thanks again for all those who attended.

Mike "star party time" Man

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Short video of Arjun in action

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