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HAL's Astronomical League (AL) Observing Club Awardees

Current HAL and AL Members who have completed Astronomical League Observing Club Certificates and certificate number where known.
(Bold Yellow = Most Recent Winners)

Note: If you are a HAL/AL Member and don't see your Astronomical League awards listed below, even if received while a member of a different club, please use the HAL Help page to provide the information.

For more information on these AL observational awards, click here.  Effective April 1, 2015, all HAL members are also AL members as a free benefit of HAL membership.

(Use this new search page on the Astronomical League website to check out your awards or those of anyone else:  Search AL Awards)

    Marc Feuerberg
    Arp Peculiar Galaxies, Visual (35); Binocular Messier (648); Caldwell Silver (81); Deep Sky Binocular (187); Double Star (264); Globular Cluster (53); Herschel 400 (331); Lunar (594); Master Observer (77); Messier & Messier(H)(2161); Universe Sampler (79(T))

    Steve Jaworiwsky (HAL ALCor - Astronomical League Coordinator)
    Arp Peculiar Galaxies,Visual (72V); Asteroid Gold (47); Binocular Messier (68); Caldwell Silver (20); Comet Observers Gold (29); Deep Sky Binocular (24); Double Star (249); Globular Cluster (40); Herschel II Observing Award (56-M); Herschel 400 (88); Local Galaxy Program (37-M); Lunar(448); Master Observer (38); Messier & Messier(H)(902); Meteor Watchers Regular (60) 18 hours; Open Cluster Observing Program (72 Adv.); Planetary Nebula Club (Advanced) 39-M; Southern Skies Binocular (24); Southern Skies Telescopic (6); Sunspotters (160); Urban Club (76)

    ZoAnn Lapinsky-Macon
    Binocular Messier (596); Caldwell Silver (30); Lunar (259); Messier and Messier (H) (1766); Planetary Transit Venus 2004 (1);Solar System (29); Universe Sampler (41)(T)

    Chris Miskiewicz
    Sunspotters (141); Outreach (Outreach-0658O) (Stellar-0658S)

    Richard Orr
    Caldwell Silver (26); Caldwell Gold (5)

    Chris Todd
    Messier Program(2604); Meteor Watchers Regular(165) 6 hours, Outreach (Outreach-0491O) (Stellar-0491S) (Master-0491M)

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