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HAL Object of the Month

The HAL Object of the Month (OOTM) is selected by HAL's Discord members as the best of the given month's submissions among those who imaged and processed the same designated object. Check back monthly (2nd week) to view the next winning image.

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Review OOTM from 2022.

February 2023 OOTM was to observe an astronomical object that changes in some way

  1. For this purpose, an "astronomical object" is any object that exists outside the Earth's atmosphere, i.e., above 100km in altitude (technically excludes meteors, but if that's your desired subject, ask first!).
  2. Any observable characteristic of the object can be depicted or measured: position, rotation, size, brightness, illumination, temperature, spectrum, etc. The only restriction is that you have to observe the change directly and/or be able to derive the change from your actual observations. Using simulations or other aids is not allowed to depict the change except in the case of deriving the change from your observations (this precludes using a planetarium program alone to depict the change in the object; you may use the program to help plan, but you have to observe the actual object).
  3. At least a portion of the observations that document the change MUST be obtained during the month of February 2023 (this has been true of all of the OOTM activities, so it will be true for this one).
  4. The final presentation depicting the observed change must be in a single, static graphic; no videos, animated GIFs, or similarly dynamic depictions will be allowed.


  • object: Observed Motion of Solar System
  • imaged by: Bennie Palmer
  • image capture/processing details: see image
  • location: TBD
  • date: February 2023

January 2023 OOTM was the Orion Constellation.

  • object: Wide field view of the Orion Constellation.
  • imaged by: Bennie Palmer
  • image capture/processing details: 20 hours of integration. RedCat 51 2600MC Camera OSC.
    Triad Quad Band Filter. Processed in Siril, Star Tools, GIMP.
  • location: TBD
  • date: January 2023

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