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HAL Membership - What Do You Get?

They say "Membership has privilege" and this couldn't be more true than with a membership to the Howard Astronomical League. Not only do you get the benefits of observing with some of the most knowledgeable amateur and professional astronomers in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, members in good standing enjoy the following benefits:

  • AL Membership - at no additional charge - in the Astronomical League (AL). Membership including a subscription to "The Reflector " - the Astronomical League's quarterly magazine. It also qualifies you to participate in the AL's observational award programs.
  • Attendance to all "Members Only" Events
  • Attendance to all HAL Impromptu observation events, if you have opted-in for notification emails
  • Ability to checkout books and DVDs from the HAL Library
  • Access to the HAL store featuring a wide variety of logoed apparel

HAL's Star Party Etiquette and Expectations

HAL Membership Application Options

Individual HAL membership is available for $25 per year. Family membership is $30. There are two ways to join.
  1. Instant Gratification! Join HAL now with our online application form and pay via PayPal or credit card or follow-up by mailing a check to the same address noted in option 2, below. (After submitting the on-line form you will received an automated email with additional information.)

    NOTE: Do NOT Click the Above Link If You Are Already a Member!

    To renew or to change your membership info such as address, phone number, or e-mail, log into your member account and select "Renew My Membership Online" or "Update My Membership Record", as appropriate.

  2. Paper based Application. Download an Adobe Acrobat PDF application form which can be filled in on your computer (or by hand), printed, and then with a check made out to the Howard Astronomical League mailed to: 
            8630-M Guilford Rd
            Suite 211
            Columbia, MD 21046

    Alternately, you can bring the filled out form to the next HAL meeting and give it and a check to the treasurer OR we can scan your credit card.

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