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The Howard Astronomical League has a lively and informative public e-mail group where you can find out more about upcoming events, and in general, communicate with others interested in amateur astronomy. (HAL embership is not required to join this list.)

To join the e-mail group:

  • Send an e-mail from your normal email client software (leave the subject line and the body of the message blank) to:
  • Once the list admin accepts your membership request, you will receive a confirmation email. At that point you are ready to post new messages or replies. New messages are sent to
  • If you have trouble subscribing, send an e-mail to the webmaster via the Contact Us link on the left side of the page.
  • You do not need a GMail account in order to join HAL's e-mail group. However, signing up for a GMail account and using it to join the list will allow you direct access to the howardastro googlegroup website. Otherwise, you will be able to access the list only via email. This is actually fine for most users!
  • If you want to control your own access, check your email on the howrdastro googlegroup website, or look at previous group emails on the website, but you do not use a gmail address on this list, follow the instructions at this link: This link shows you how to set up a Google account using a non-gmail address. This step is NOT necessary if you don't fee the need to use the website interface.

To unsubscribe from the e-mail group:

Already a Member of the HAL E-mail Group? Visit howardastro email archives. (separate window)

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