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How to Join HAL's Impromptu Mailing List

Impromptu star parties are communicated via a separate members-only Google Group. If you didn't opt-in for impromptus when you joined HAL, here is how to do so at any time:

  1. Visit
  2. Menu choice: For Members >> Member Login
  3. Click link: Update My Membership Record (Incl. Impromptu or AL Changes)
  4. On the Member Profile Update screen, just below your username: "HAL has a special e-mail list to notify members of Impromptu Events. If you which to be added to this list choose the option below to Opt-In to receive these e-mails." Impromptu Event E-mails: ( ) Opt-in [click the radio button]
  5. Click the button labeled: Update my profile!
  6. This triggers email to the list administrator who will add you as time permits.
  7. When added you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the group.
Once you've been added, messages will come from the address with the subject prefix "[hal_impromptu]".

Should you wish to unsubscribe later, follow the same steps as above, except for step #4, pick the Opt-out choice. (You'll be automatically unsubscribed if and when you leave the club.)

Note: In contrast to the public "howardastro" mailing list, the hal_impromptu list is strictly for announcements and other organizing messages concerning impromptu star parties organized by one of our park keyholders. Discussions are limited to those regarding attending the impromptu. Discussions about the impromptu afterwards including observations and photographs made during the impromptu should be posted on the public "howardastro" list.