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HAL Public Star Party Report - Special Edition

Public Star Party (Alpha Ridge) 4/13/2024

(The One With Post-Total Solar Eclipse Excitement)

We had our April public star party last night, with clear skies and nearly 120 attendees. I counted about 23 telescopes (plus a set of binoculars) and an impressive presence of smart telescopes (seven, including Seestar, EvScope, and Dwarf II). A fascinating site was a stream of Starlink satellites passing overhead during the evening, grabbing everyone's attention. The Moon and Jupiter were early targets while we waited for the skies to darken. Throughout the event, many folks slewed to the Bode galaxy (M81), the Cigar galaxy (M82), the Orion Nebula (M42), the Running Man Nebula (NGC 1977), and other deep sky objects. HALO and Arjun's table had a steady attendance throughout the night, with several conservations focused on the composition and behavior of stars.

We hope to see you all at our next public star party on May 18th!

Clear skies,

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Video: Arjun explains ring formation

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