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HAL's final members star party of 2016 is coming up on Saturday, Nov. 5th at dusk at Alpha Ridge Park. Bob Provine hosts.

The November planning meeting will be held on Monday, Nov. 7th at 7PM in the 2nd floor dining area of Wegmans Grocery in Columbia.

 If you are interested in what happened at a recent star party that you missed, click here.

to the website of the Howard Astronomical League. HAL is an astronomy club located in Howard County, Maryland. We hold monthly meetings on the lower (mezzanine) level of the Robinson Nature Center in Columbia, MD, conduct public star parties at Alpha Ridge Park utilizing our new "HALO" observatory, and provide community outreach events at various locations - often in Howard Country Library parking lots. We invite everyone to be a part of astronomy in Central Maryland. You will find information about our meeting dates on our Our Meetings page. Information on membership is located on the HAL Membership page.
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also for our Star Parties and Outreach events. In addition, we provide an e-mail group for communication of timely club News and for astronomical discussions.

to help you plan your observing sessions is available on the Calendar page or the Astrolinks page -- where you can check for moonrise times, Iridium flares, International Space Station sightings, Jupiter's Great Red Spot transit and a lot more. And don't forget to check the Weather before you venture out.

HAL's Observatory at Alpha Ridge Park (HALO)
is open for business! It houses HAL's 12" Watson Telescope. Check these web pages for full details about the Observatory and the Watson Telescope.For a schedule of events at the observatory, check the HAL star parties page or the HAL Calendar.

HAL is proud to have official affiliations with:

RNC Robinson Nature Center CSearchers Celestial Searchers
Astronomy for Howard County Kids (K-8)
Howard County Recreation & Parks

Alpha Ridge Park
Astronomical League
Conservancy Howard County Conservancy International Dark Sky Association

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