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Celestial Searchers - Astronomy Club for School Kids (K-6)

Celebrating 20 years of service


An Introduction from Founder, Joel Goodman

In early 1999, I founded the Howard County Celestial Searchers. We meet in the Glenwood Library on Rt. 97 in Glenwood, MD (usually) on the fourth Monday of each month during the school year beginning at 7:00PM. The club is open to all local area students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Fun activities include special projects, speakers, and monthly stargazing parties.

We welcome new members and encourage parental involvement.

Email me (address at bottom of this page) if you have astronomy questions; I will try to answer them or point you in the right direction to search for an answer.

Remember: KEEP LOOKING UP!!!


2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Parents

2019-2020 Celestial Searchers Updated Welcome Letter

SIZZLE Form (PDF) -What is this? See Welcome Letter Above.

More Info

While the Howard Astronomical League supports members of all ages, younger kids will likely feel more comfortable with Celestial Searchers and getting involved in astronomy with others of similar age. HAL and Celestial Searchers have a close working relationship expecially since Dr. Goodman is also on the HAL Board of Directors.

HAL publishes the Celestial Searchers meetings on the HAL calendar which you can find here. While the goal is to hold these meetings on the fourth Monday of each month during the school year (Sept-May), the date is occasionally changed to accomodate religious and/or school holidays.

HAL hosts a Yahoogroup e-mail list which is also used by celestial searchers members. Dr. Goodman often communicates Celestial Searchers information via this e-mail list. You can join the Howardastro Yahoogroup e-mail list here. This list is open to all. You do not need to be either a HAL or Celestial Searchers member in order to join.

Celestial Searchers members are always welcome to attend HAL events.

For any questions of other information not covered here, feel free to e-mail Joel directly here: stardocjg @ gmail . com.

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