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3-22-2014 First 2014 Public Star Party

Last nights star party at Alpha Ridge turned out  to be very good with the clouds that hung around all day departed just in time for our event. Looked like we had at least 15 scopes set up and plenty of curious guests anxious to get a glimpse of heavenly objects. Objects viewed where Jupiter and Mars  along with many Messier objects. What a good start for the year and hopes for next weekends Messier challenge at AR we’ll have clear skies again.

Eddie Crawford
Star Party Host

The photos below were taken while it was still light enough for good exposures. Quite a few people and telescopes arrived later. My last count after dark was 16 scopes and ~35 people. We had several members of the public in attendence including some HCC astronomy students.

We are set up by the upper ball field due to the observatory and restroom construction. On the left side of the 3rd photo, below, you can see the construction equipment in the background.

Chas Rimpo


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