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2013 HAL Meeting Topics / Speakers

January 17 2013 Elections, Pot Luck
February 21 Dr. Jerry Bonnell, one of the authors of NASA's APOD
March 21 Mark "Indy" Kochte talking about time lapse photography
April 18 Dr. Jason Kalirai from STSci - The Hubble Space Telescope's New Frontier Fields: A Prelude to the James Webb Space Telescope
May 16

Dr. K. T. Ramesh, Director of the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute and HAL member, will give a presentation titled "Impact and fragmentation of asteroids".

Joe Bohanon will give a presentation on the Kitt Peak Advanced Observer Program.

June 20 Chris Todd will give a presentation on "So you wanna attend a regional star party?"
July 18 Chris Todd completes his regional star party talk started in the June meeting, then Gene Handler will give a talk on observing meteors.
August 15 West Texas Time Machine: Chris Todd discusses the McDonald Observatory and the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
September 19 Zolt Levay (STScI Imaging Group Lead) "Data to Pictures:  Making Hubble's Colorful Universe"
October 17 Stellafane in words and pictures - Bob Prokop with assist from Chas Rimpo
November 21 Astroschool 7-7:30PM - Eyepieces 101. General Meeting presentations: Bob Prokop - van Maanen's star, Chris Todd - "Halton Arp's Peculiar Galaxies", "Remote Imaging: Paying for high quality data". 
December 19 Astroschool 7-7:30PM - Prepare for Observing Sessions. The normal meeting presentations will happen. Instead of a guest speaker we will hold a HAL Holiday Potluck.

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