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October 22, 2012 Sideway Astronomy at the Columbia Central Library

Another great sidewalk astronomy event at the Central Library in Columbia this evening!  Approximately 200 folks stopped to take looks through a real potpourri of scopes and binoculars.  Highlights for me were the Alpine Valley crossing the Mont Alpes and the cool trio of craters midway on the terminator.  Especially liked the mini-crater Ammonius on Ptolemy and the central peaks in his 2 friends (nice map, Steve!).  Thanks to the following HAL members for their time and equipment:  

Chris Todd - Astro-Tech AT72ED refractor
David Stein - Orion  Apex 90 mm Maksutov
Jim Johnson - Televue NP101 mm refractor
Maddie Pace - Celestron NexStar 6 reflector
Steve Jaworski - Astrophysics 105mm refractor
Brad Martin - 8" Orion SkyQuest XT8
Art Gilbert - Televue Ranger 70mm ED
Bob Prokop - Oberwerk 15x70 binoculars
Chas Rimpo - Orion 20x100 binocualrs in an Orion parallelogram mount

Barb Langridge of the Howard County Library was a constant cheerleader and traffic cop.  Nobody entered or left the library from 7-8:30 without getting at least one look at the Moon.  Fun time had by all!



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