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HAL Public Star Party Report - Special Edition

Public Star Party (Alpha Ridge) 7/22/2023

(The One With Many People Arriving Before the Night Sky Appeared)

Thank you to everyone who joined our public star party last night. We had beautiful skies for approximately 16 scopes set up and nearly 150 attendees!

The Moon was popular, along with some sightings of M13 and the Veil Nebula. Bob and Arjun had the solar system scale model set up with a few lovely paintings of the planets. I tested a new table activity called "Stellar Spectra," which was successful with younger guests.

We hope you join us for the next one!

Clear skies,
Krystal Rolon

Thanks to our hosts, Krystal, Hannah and Joel. Visitors inside HALO listened with rapt attention to Hannah's and Dale's explanations. Grace and I both brought out our eVscopes which generated lots of questions. Grace's scope has a eyepiece which naturally drew people to it. People tried to find the eyepiece on mine but there isn't one. Grace did a great job of explaining how the eVscope works and answering many basic astronomy questions with solid, clear explanations. My image of the Whirlpool Galaxy appears below; thanks to Grace for her fine-tuning assistance. Grace also provided her eVscope image of the Dumbbell Nebula.

Ken Sall

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