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HAL's Alpha Ridge Park Solar Walk Dedication - May 6, 2017 7:30PM

At the dedication ceremony for the HAL Observatory back in July 2015, a temporary solar walk was set up around the perimeter of Alpha Ridge Park. Due to the park's space limitations, the walk was set up in a circle starting and ending at the observatory. At that time the planets were designated by laminated paper signs stapled to wooden stakes.

At 7:30PM on May 6th prior to the start of HAL's monthly public star party a new solar walk will be dedicated and then made available for public access. This new solar walk uses sturdy metal poles with planetary information plaques mounted on each one that also contain the information in Braille. Many of the metal poles have also had small trees planted adjacent to them to provide future mid-day observers with shade.

This new solar walk was the brainchild of HAL member Colin Waddington who also performed many tasks as part of his Eagle Scout work. The hardware was provided by Howard County Recreation and Parks. Joel Goodman was the HAL board member who drove this effort.

Come out on May 6th and check it out.

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