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Total Solar Eclipse - 8/21/2017

Without expensive travel to remote, far-flung locations, viewing a "nearby" total solar eclipse is usually a once or twice in a lifetime experience. Visually, a 100% total eclipse is far superior to even a 99.9% eclipse. In this area of Maryland the eclipse will be about 80%. For this reason much of HAL's membership is traveling to different areas of the country to experience totality. CONSEQUENTLY, HAL IS NOT PLANNING TO HOLD EITHER A PUBLIC OR MEMBERS ONLY EVENT FOR THE ECLIPSE.

The Bannecker Museum in Catonsville is the closest location holding a free solar eclipse viewing event. However, it does require advanced registration. (Click the link below the map for registration information.)

Local residents are also able to freely use any of the Howard County Parks - Alpha Ridge or any other. There will be nothing formal going on at any of these location and you will need at least solar glasses for safe viewing. If you are in need of solar glasses, the Robinson Nature Center has them in their gift shop for $1/pr.

Map of totality with Howardastro attendee locations noted:

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